Our Society

Welcome to the University of New South Wales League of Legends Society website! 

UNSW League of Legends Society is home to enthusiasts, casual and competitive players of one of the most popular PC games in the world - League of Legends.

The spirit of our society aims to reflect the spirit of the game itself. Each year, our casual and competitive events bring like-minded gamers together. From educational series like Leaguecraft101 that help our members improve their game-play to weekly Friendly Friday games, UNSW LoLSoc provides UNSW students with an avenue to meet and form friendships with other students who love League of Legends, express their passion for the game as well as become involved with larger scale eSports events that are held at times in collaboration with other societies and organisations. 

Since it’s establishment in 2012, UNSW LoLSoc has grown to become a family for all of its members and supporters. We welcome new members with open arms and promise that once you join our family, you will never want to look back. 

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